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Through music, video, and classroom activities, the "Don't Laugh at Me" (DLAM) programs help sensitize children to the painful effects of behaviors that too often are accepted as necessary rites of passage in childhood - ridicule, disrespect, ostracism and bullying. Children participating in DLAM learn that by working together they can positively shape their school environment, and eventually bring this message to the broader community.

DLAM is designed to inspire students, along with their teachers and other educators, to transform their classrooms and schools into "Ridicule Free Zones". The program materials include a curriculum guide, CD, video and pre-and-post implementation questionnaires for both schools and summer camps. The school program consists of two separate curricula; one developed for grades 2-5 and the second developed for grades 6-8.

Please click on the "Sign up for a FREE DLAM Packet" sign to register and order a copy of the DLAM Program of your choice, which will be delivered free of charge, courtesy of The McGraw-Hill Companies. When you complete the registration process, your order will be automatically sent to The McGraw-Hill Companies for processing. You will also be given the link to our download page so you will have the option of downloading the materials from our website. If you experience technical difficulties, or do not receive the materials within two weeks of placing your order, please email Please note, orders placed for delivery to educators residing in countries outside of the United States may take four to six weeks to arrive and may include a nominal fee for shipping expenses (between $10-$30 US dollars depending upon the country).


Operation Respect/ESR also grants educators permission to reproduce the written DLAM materials, the copywritten CD and video, free of charge. If you would like to order multiple copies of the curriculum guides, VHS videos and CDs, please email your order to Elizabeth Kolodny at: All of the materials are available free of charge, courtesy of The McGraw-Hill Companies.


You are among the many teachers, school counselors, principals, school social workers and other educational and healthcare professionals who have expressed an interest in learning about and/or implementing DLAM. The program focuses on fostering four characteristics of a caring community: the healthy expression of feelings; caring, compassion, and cooperation; creative resolution of conflicts; and, appreciation of differences.

The three DLAM curricula were written by Laura Parker Roerden and created under the direction of Linda Lantieri, the Founder of Educators for Social Responsibility's Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) who collaborated with DLAM to shepherd the curricula's development. The Southern Poverty Law Center and other distinguished educational organizations pursuing objectives parallel to those of DLAM offered additional guidance and input.


We recognize that you bring a wide range of talents and experiences to your work, including in some cases training in social and emotional learning and character education. We strongly believe that such training is crucial to the successful implementation and delivery of the DLAM curriculum. Please visit our professional development section to learn more about opportunities to participate and/or organize a DLAM workshop.




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