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To help accomplish its mission, OR disseminates its own educational program, Don’t Laugh At Me (DLAM), that provides an effective tool for establishing a caring climate in which the emotional and physical abuse children suffer because of peer ridicule, bullying and other asocial behaviors is far less likely to occur.

DLAM is distributed free of charge by virtue of the generosity of its most important sponsor, The McGraw-Hill Companies. It is unlike other programs in that it combines music and the arts to inspire students, teachers and administrators, providing a platform for heart connection and deep, transformative exchanges. The program materials include a CD with songs, a powerfully moving video and an easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide to introduce activities that not only help to develop a more cooperative, respectful classroom environment, but link with and enrich regular academic curricula.

Please visit Educators Avenue to learn more about the program, to order a complimentary copy of the materials and to obtain information on how to organize professional development and/or assembly programs at your school or district.

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